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Genmark & Schmitz Cargobull Collaboration at IAA 2024!

July 8, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Genmark is collaborating with Schmitz Cargobull AG to present the groundbreaking S.CF ALLROUND 20-45 chassis with a genset fitted on it at the IAA TRANSPORTATION in Hannover this September! ๐ŸŽ‰

This innovative solution marks a significant advancement in transport efficiency and sustainability, seamlessly integrating Genmark’s cutting-edge genset technology with Schmitz Cargobull’s robust and versatile chassis design.

The control panel, installed on the side of the chassis, features a TFT monitor that displays operating status, fuel consumption, total running time, and the next maintenance date. With a 130-liter diesel tank, the unit can provide up to 60 hours of continuous operation for refrigerated containers. Our close collaboration with Schmitz Cargobull has enabled us to fit this UM5 unit with a 31 cm ground clearance, one of the highest in the market.

Join us at IAA TRANSPORTATION in Hannover to witness this game-changing innovation firsthand. We can’t wait to show you how this collaboration is setting new standards in the industry!