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Hydrogen, what is it about?

November 23, 2022

Hydrogen (H) is the most common, lightest, and smallest element in chemistry. At a regular temperature and pressure,hydrogen is a colourless, odourless, and highly flammable gas (H2). It is a connection of two hydrogen atoms. In nature, hydrogen (H) only occurs in combination with other elements, such as oxygen and carbon.

The hydrogen gensets was first agendised 4 years ago. Genmark had plenty of other priorities at the time, and the hydrogen project was shelved for the time being. Now Genmark is soundly established, it is important to keep innovating, with the hydrogen genset as the main project.

For the development of the hydrogen gensets, Genmark works with a partner that produces top-quality hydrogen fuel cell systems to be used as range extenders in heavyapplications, such as electric buses, trucks, construction equipment, inland ships, and stationary power modules.

The feasibility study is almost done and we will be ready for phase 2: the first prototype!

Keep an eye on that!