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Online dashboard

August 24, 2022

Our online dashboard gives you valuable information about your Genmark fleet. It shows you all your units in-service. You can also easily check if repairs are covered by warranty, find and order parts, etc…

After you have created an account, you can register your gensets and manage your fleet. You can check all the manufacturing dates, the next revision dates, the serial numbers, warranty period…etc.

We developed this tool to be a real timesaver for our customers. Here are some key features:

– Exploded views, to find even the smallest part you need,

– Ordering spare parts online,

– Claim warranty,

– Fleet management.

The main feature is the ability to register your gensets. With it, you cannot miss any maintenance, find your serial number(s), purchase documents… all sets in your fleet can be managed easily.

Ordering spare parts is done directly through the portal. All parts are sorted by model and product category. Just select the model, select category and the part(s) in the quantity you need, choose your payment and delivery method and the parts will be delivered to your desired location within 24 to 48 hours depending on the geographical area!

You can also claim warranty via this online tool, only make sure that you register your unit(s) beforehand. After you have claimed a warranty our team will be notified and review your claim. You then will be notified within 24hrs after review. When you log-in, you can follow the progress of your claim.

Already a customers but not yet registered for our dashboard? Just send your request to and we will send you the registration procedure by email, easy as that.